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  • Can I get my car fixed wherever I want?
    Yes you can. We will recommend using registered repair facilities to speed up the claim process but you are certainly free to have your vehicle repaired at the repair facility of your choice. See our Trusted Partner Section of our website to learn more.
  • My windshield cracked what do I do?
    Please contact our office these are very common claims. We have a few preferred vendors we use and this will make the Glass Claim repair process extremely painless.
  • Who do I call if i need immediate help to prevent more damage?
    We have trusted partners that we recommend for things like fire & water damage restoration. Visit our claims services section to learn more. They will begin protecting and minimizing damage right away.
  • What do if I was rear-ended?
    Of course you always can file the claim with your own insurance company. However if you obtain the other persons insurance company and policy number, you will not have to pay your deductible. It's always best at the scene of the accident to gather the other parties insurance information. Ask the other driver for proof of their insurance before the police arrive. We can then guide you through he process to file your claim.
  • How do I know if my renewal will be on auto-pay or if I need to make a manual payment and re-setup automatic payments?
    The Billing option is typically the same as the previous policy period.
  • Is there a grace period for late payments before late fees are applied? Will I be charged a late fee if my payment is late?
    These vary by company sometimes we can get them waived but its not guaranteed.
  • If my policy is in non-pay cancel can I get it reinstated?
    Yes you typically have 15 days from the cancel date but its important to know you will not have coverage during that period.
  • When will I see my defensive driving discount applied?
    This is retro-actively applied based on the course completion date. It is usually applied a few days after processed by the office.
  • How long does it take for you to complete my quote?
    It can vary by complexity, but no longer than 24 hours. If you need your quote expedited let us know we can put a rush on it.
  • How do I pay my bill?
    Your bill is paid directly to the insurance company. You can set up automatic reoccurring payment methods or pay in full for the policy period.
  • Who do call If i have questions after i buy a policy?
    We are your agent and we service your policy just like any other insurance agency does. We are here all the time to answer any type of questions.
  • How long does it take to give you all my information?
    Typically when we speak for the first time it take 10-15 minutes and we can usually get all the information we need. People are really surprised how easy it is.
  • Does my policy cover a rental car when I am on vacation?
    Yes the liability & collision coverage extend to the rental car. Any damage done to a rental vehicle is subjected to your deductible. However we always recommend purchasing the additional rental vehicle coverage offered by the rental company. There is peace of mind knowing you can just hand the keys back with no questions asked.
  • When does my life insurance coverage start?
    Once you complete the telephone interview and as long is submit electronic payment the insurance company will provide you temporary insurance coverage while in the underwriting process.
  • What do I do if i am not sure if I should turn a claim in or not?
    We always recommend calling our office at the time of loss. We can discuss the severity and the nature of the claim and give you an indication of what would be appropriate. Not all claims exceed the deductible amount.
  • What is Water Back Up Coverage?
    Water Back Up / Sewer Sump Pump Coverage will pay for any and all necessary clean up in the result that your sump fails or drain overflows and water causes damage to your property. This coverage is an additional coverage that is added at the time of purchase or can be added at anytime during the policy period.
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